Saturday, March 29, 2008

Four texts...

I just got pealed out by an asian lady. I could see the bone in my knee. Had to walk back down and get my cd that went flying and click my own knee into place.

Im not ashamed to say the pain was almost enough to bring tears.

Today was the last day i skate hills. No more ive been carved up enough now.

Three years of bombing comes to a bloody end and i could have been sandwiched between another and my go that would have been messy.

I missed these texts, having my afternoon siesta, after having one of the most epic nights of my life, for several reasons.
Shisha, cigarettes, dancing, drinking and a beautiful lingere model.

That sums up my night. Fucking awesome.

So my artistic inspiration is starting to become more sparce, even though there is so much happening at the moment for me, all i am drawing at the moment is single bubble letters, characters with long necks and cigarettes. I shouldnt smoke, but hell, i kinda look at what it has done to members of my family. My grandad has been smoking for near on 50 years, no smoking related illness at all. I think i might just go on a few short smoking hiatusses, just to prove im not addicted. A weeks break would be good for me anyway.

So anyway ive got a fine from last week, in wanaka, for not wearing a bike helmet. The arrogant pig who fined me decided he was going to fine me because he cared, he didnt want to see me squished on the road. Bullshit, he was just trying to fill his fucking quota, seeing my brains spilled on the road would be an awesome work story, and a little less crime on the streets of dunedin.

Im kinda focussing on the more street art aspect of graff in my canvasses at the moment, tending away from letter form and function, more on characters, drippy ink and tags, then stuff stuck on the top, like ripped up sketches ans hello my name stickers. Fuck illegal stickers, they fade, peel and the colour runs out of them. I put up a whole tonne before i left and im pretty sure the magician tore some of them off, the rest fell off or faded beyond recognition. Its bullshit. Im thinkinng of doing a little more sometime soon, placing them in obscure places and covering them with a few layers of varnish. Mabye also make a few wheatpastes, Find a few hidden alleys and do big paste ups. Thatd be cool.

Im going back to the sketch books. Magician still hasnt replied to my hhnz post, just been rained upon by stupid cats, "Hu Da fUck iz Dis ZookEEpa NigGah?", Yeeh, whatevs, the need to use their noggins, do a little research, go to school perhaps.

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