Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life in general...

Yeh whateever, i dont care much for blogger.
Its kinda fulfulling to write something down once in a while.
Its terrible, im not going to school to go to art galleries and libraries, and i think this is because i feel id rather be in control of what i learn, instead of sitting in a classroom for six hours a day listening to some old fuck, rabbit on about a subject i dont care for.
I think i need to be in the mood to do anything half decent, in the right atmosphere.
All of my lastest sketches are fucking crazy characters, or just patterns. This might not be a bad thing though, as whenever i sketch its all usually letters, with outlines only, and whenever i go to paint one i never have a fill. The patterns and characters i am drawing at the moment could solve this problem.
Im keeping a low porfile at the moment, staying off the streets and meditating in my room, turning out some decent canvasses, at the same time trying to figure out what i would do in the even of me being caught.
I heard of a case in Hamilton where a kid got caught on four offences, and got a $1500 fine, some community service and 28 days in jail.
Fine and community service is fair enough, but getting 28 days in jail too.
Wife beaters and drunk drivers don get that fucking much time in the cells. What the hell does graffiti do in essence though. Some fuckwit goes and paints his name on your shop, you wake up in the morning and have to fucking clean it up, this costing your money, and time...
Id be fucking pissed offf, and the least id want would be a written apoilogy, and the cunt to get fined and clean his shit up.
But a wife beater, smacks his bitch one night after hitting the drink, knocks her out, and when she comes to, has to run from the son of a bitch all the way to the police station to find refuge, scared for her life, and he only gets two weeks in the cells.
Thatd be a negative life changing experience for her, and itd stick with her for the rest of her life.

Why do people now look upon graffiti as this serious criminal activity, when really youre just writing your name on peoples shit, all in the name of this egotistical, international game.

Read this...


Tag and go to jail - Judge’s warning as he locks up teen vandal

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

A judge has jailed a graffiti vandal for 28 days and warned others in Hawke’s Bay they can expect the same from now on.


Orchard worker Ford Randell, 18, appeared before Judge Tony Adeane in Hastings District Court for sentencing on four charges of intentional damage yesterday.

Randell had been in custody on the charges for five days, and his lawyer Roger Phillip asked for a sentence of community work.

He said Randell was remorseful and had described his own tagging of three buildings and a concrete pillar in Hastings as “stupid and pathetic”.

The offending took place between January 1 and when Randell was arrested on March 16.

The judge said taggers were giving Hastings the appearance of a North American slum and rejected suggestions that graffiti was art or culture. “If it’s art, why aren’t the artists out doing it in broad daylight?” he said. “It is covert, criminal behaviour.”

He said the sentence was “a signal to you and your friends that the penalty for graffiti in Hawke’s Bay will be imprisonment until such time as there is some sign this self-indulgent egocentric behaviour is abating”.

Before sentencing Randell the judge asked if anyone in court had anything to say. Randell’s father, Peter stood up, apologising for speaking out: “I don’t think he deserves to be in jail. He did the offences, I appreciate that.”

The judge replied: “I’m afraid we’ve come to the end of the line.”

He said: “He is a tagger and he has chosen to assert himself or make his statement by going around wilfully damaging other people’s property.”

Randell was also ordered to pay $1092.45 in reparation.

Last November Judge Adeane sent Napier tagger Randall Grey, 19, to prison for two nights after he pleaded guilty to causing $2042 damage to Taradale properties.

“I know what the judge was trying to do and I respect that. But what he’s done is not good for anyone. Five days in prison is fair enough. Let him see what it’s like. But 28 days? People who hit their wives get less than that, drink-drivers get less than that.”

He said graffiti was a way young people could try to be noticed. “Many come from broken families, and most of those families used to work at the Tomoana and Whakatu [freezing] works that were doing well until the works closed.”

He said his son, who worked at Watties, was a kind boy who was good at sports and art. He thought he had moved on from tagging.

“The first I knew is when I got a text from him last week telling me he was going to prison. He’d been too ashamed to tell us he’d even been caught,” Mr Randell said.

He said he had encouraged him to paint on canvas and hoped he could get on an art course.

Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws’ offer of $500 for information after vandals tagged the city’s library has led to a phone calls naming the alleged taggers. The Alexander Heritage and Research Library was hit at the weekend.

Fuck that.

I need a cigarette, and a coffee, and a 2b pencil.

ZooKeep. (Fuck you)