Monday, October 6, 2008

Zookeep, im expanding my vocab.

Ive been in and out of waves of depression, drunkenness and ecstasy. It seems like i cant be in a neutral mood at the moment.
I am not a criminal anymore, successfully going into stupid amounts of debt with numerous people, but paying off my diversion in the meantime.
So here i am.
Typing away at a computer, it seems like i post once every month, only when i have something to write about, each post seems like my last, its curious.
I have little willpower and usually i forget about silly little things like blog entries after about one or two posts. but it seems like its a bit of a release.
Councilors are stupid, after finally admitting that i was weak, folding in and buckling under the pressures of life most people just deal with i went to see one. My advice, dont talk to the bastards, they're nice, but only in a client service kind of way, like hey, if im nice enough to him hell feel guilty in turning down another session.
Fuckit, after about 15 minutes of listening to her drool on about shit, that is instintly known i nearly walked out. Fucksake, only stupid people would ever get help out of that shit.

Ive developed alot since the last session i had with her though, i think i am more independent knowing...
nobody can help me.

Anyway, my life is kinda straightening out, all i need to do untill the end of the year is read a few books for a reading log and go to art school, even though i object to art being taught, as it is a creative emotional thing not a given, i think i am there for the sole purpose of feeding of the inspiration of others, being immersed in art full time seems like bliss... I hope so.

Ill add to this later.
Or mabye not.
K bye.