Monday, September 1, 2008

Zoooooookeep cant sleep.

Im sick.
Cant sleep.
Anyway, sorted my court shit, im in the clear now i can sit back and watch shit comfortably.
Getting back into the graff game, but it seems like another wave of personal shit has hit me.
Im kinda sick of these silly little cliques dunedin has in the graff scene.
In my first post, i was drooling on about how much of a god peeper is.
Meh, were all human, but i this guy seems to go from full trust to loathing you in a matter of days. I guess one of the other members in our old chosen walk/ or DAt has decided to not like me infront of peeper.
Kinda pissed he would blame me for getting seabed arrested, which he didnt anyway.
I trust seabed, i dunno why but he seems like a good guy. So if he said anything it wasnt negative, but im thinking there might have been a problem somewhere in the story.
Specter. tsk tsk, i dunno.
I suppose i trust him.
Hey fuck i dont care.
I got a tattoo at VI. A 925 design, the bird in the other shop.
And i saw the fucking magician in the shop right after i got it done.
That cunt is a fucking pussy, i walked right into the fucking shop, under his nose and he said nothing to me. He cant possibly be scared.
Of widdle me?
But ive fucked him off for sure.
Peeper told me in a couple of angry texts GZR was after me.
Wow im fucking terrified, theyre gunna be killing a dead name, which they arent anyway, ive seen two crossed tags between town and the place where that maniac works. Im fucking terrified, what now you and sickso are gunna walk mornington, south dee, north dee, cbd, park and leith.
as if.
The whole fucking crew, i wouldnt be suprised if peeper is rolling with them now.
Thats him outta DAt, yeah youll get lotsa illegals, and youll be in a decent illegal crew, but thats stabbing the rest of us.
He better not make any dumb moves.

I met Ford Randell.


I dont care for any stabbers.
Read this, actually dont forget it.
Im sorry to offend Peeper. But i know you dont go on the net.
Im going back to illegals.

So yeah. Im angry.
So fuck you.

Kindest regards, Your friend Zookeep.
Formerly the oner.
Now the twoer.